Because, aviously…

I am a big “cap” wearer, but have never before owned an NFL cap.

The reason was simple. I like to try on my caps before I buy them, and their is no NFL Shop in NYC. As for Lids…well I just find them overly expensive and I don’t like the styles they carry.

There are a few things I like in caps, such as adjustable backs (or fitted…except those are more expensive), and curved brims…both of which aren’t the specialty of Lids.

But on the night of the NFL Draft this year, I decided to buy myself a Dallas Cowboys cap. So I went online to the NFL Shop, and bought myself a cap.

This was inspired after I had seen a Tweet from the Cowboys, asking fans to guess their first round picks cap size. So naturally, I have no clue on cap sizes, I browsed thru other peoples guesses, and picked a number that hadn’t popped up before.

Three days later, my new Cowboys cap arrived in the mail…and I received a Tweet from New Era, congratulating me on winning the Cowboys Draft Contest, and a new fitted cap!

So suddenly, I’ve gone from zero NFL caps, to owning two very spiffy Dallas Cowboys hats!

Maybe now they will finally make the Super Bowl within the next decade…

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