Because, aviously…

This may surprise some people who read here, but this is not my first blog…nor is it my second…or third…

They have ranged in topics, from sports to life, and everything in-between.

Also they have been under multiple names, which is why most people who read one of my blogs, probably haven’t read other blogs I’ve written.

But one thing I’ve done with my other blogs in the past, that I refuse to do with this one: Scheduled Posts.

It’s a simple method of putting something out every day. By typing when you have thoughts and ideas, and then putting them on a schedule, so that they will post every day.

With this blog, I have yet to schedule a post.

I write little notes to myself, to remind me of things I want to talk about. But every morning I have made it a point to write something out and post it.

It keeps my mind active and my fingers a’typing.

Of course now that I’ve written this, I’ve probably jinxed it all, and will start missing days…but it’s a thought I wanted to write about – as I am particularly proud of it – so I did 🙂

One thought on “Scheduled

  1. moshberm says:

    Scheduled posts are actually a great tool. You can write every day and not publish right away. That saves you from the occasional miss.

    I don’t write often enough to schedule, but if I did, I totally would. Keep writing, and keep an open mind!

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