Because, aviously…

Most people these days don’t read a newspaper…ever.

I’m one of the few that still gets home delivery, of the New York Daily News, which my delivery guy delivers promptly two hours late every day; and I don’t really read (aside for Saturdays), but others at home do.

My paper of choice is USA Today. Sure, most of the stuff in there, and the problem with all papers really, is that the news is all old, in this day and age of Twitter and 24-hour news stations and websites.

Some of the things I look forward to are their circles at the top of every section, which are timely and generally related to the cover story. When they first unveiled these, Stephen Colbert picked on them, and the paper promptly responded to his task.

While I mostly ignore their Money and Sports sections (being that I work on a Business Network, and my Twitter feed is over-saturated with up to the second Sports News), I enjoy the “Roadmap to news across the USA”, in which they do a news story from every state, which falls in their main section.

The Life section also provides good entertainment news (as I have yet to really follow that stuff online, being that I only care about the bigger stories and not the mundane details), and of course their puzzles (ranging from Crosswords to Sudoku to other little things).

I suggest that people pick up an old-fashioned newspaper at least once a week, and just read through it, keeping up with the news.

But kindly choose an actual newspaper, and not a tabloid driven one. While the Wall Street Journal and USA Today are good choices, the New York Times isn’t bad either, but kindly stay away from the Daily News and NY Post if you are only going to be reading a paper once a week.

Quality over quantity.

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