Because, aviously…

With the ruling on Aereo, I fear that they will stop offering their service.

And while I pay for cable at home and Hulu+/Netflix/Amazon Prime, you may wonder why I even use Aereo.

It’s simple really.

The CBS website and App sucks.

While other channels that I watch (namely FOX and NBC) offer their shows up easily the morning after they air, through Hulu+ (and probably through their websites and own apps as well), CBS makes it very difficult to find their shows/episodes.

I haven’t missed an episode of Person of Interest (3 seasons) or The Amazing Race (24 seasons), all thanks to watching it live on Television, or watching it the next day, using my Aereo DVR.

If only CBS would join in on Hulu, and make it one easy place to Queue up New Episodes, so that I’ll never have to miss an episode again…now that my Aereo records are likely to go away.


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