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My Fall 2017 Early TV Schedule

Last week was the Upfronts, the annual time when Networks present to advertisers and roll out their Fall lineups, and this is my early look at what I’m likely to watch!


8:30 PM — FOX — Ghosted — Comedy starring Adam Scott and Craig Robinson. Not usually into paranormal shows…but the cast will draw me in to trying it! TRAILER

9:00 PM — FOX — Family Guy


8:00 PM — CBS — Big Bang Theory (moving to Thursdays in November)

9:00 PM — FOX — Marvel’s The Gifted — Parents discover their kids are a little like the X-Men and need to hide from the government to survive. TRAILER looks fantastic.


8:00 PM — ABC —  The Middle

8:00 PM — FOX — Lethal Weapon

9:00 PM — FOX — The Mick

9:00 PM — NBC — Superstore

9:30 PM — FOX — Brooklyn Nine-Nine

9:30 PM — NBC — The Good Place


10:00 PM — ABC — Designated Survivor


8:00 PM — CBS — Big Bang Theory (Starting November)

8:00 PM — FOX — Gotham

8:30 PM — CBS — Young Sheldon — Sheldon Cooper as a child? Sure, I’d give that a try. Can’t wait to see him get tested for insanity. TRAILER

9:00 PM — FOX — The Orville — Really not along the lines of things I’d watch…but Seth MacFarlane and Adrianne Palicki should make this hour-long comedy enjoyable! TRAILER


8:00 PM — FOX — Hell’s Kitchen

9:00 PM — ABC — Marvel’s Inhumans — New Marvel series? Okay, but I don’t know if I’d make it through this one…

No Dates Yet

ABC — Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Will return in January for a full uninterrupted season)

CBS — The Amazing Race

FOX — MasterChef, New Girl

NBC — A.P. Bio

You can find the full Fall schedule HERE

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Season 3 – #Review

Kimmy Schmidt is back for Season 3 and the adventures never end.

Kimmy (Ellie Kemper) is heading to college and filing for divorce, Titus (Tituss Burgess) is back after a failed cruise and fighting off scurvy, and Lillian (Carol Kane) kicks her stardom up a notch and is the underlying star of the season…
Who am I kidding, she’ll always be overshadowed by the antics of Kimmy and Titus and all the unbreakableness they bring to the table.

Peter Riegert is the fresh celebrity face for this season, taking over after a brief Fred Armison appearance.

The soft serve chocolate ice cream emoji.

But also back in this show are the forced songs and the full Lemonade experience. What was seemingly spontaneous in Season 1, and what felt like “trying too hard” in Season 2, turns into well-scripted songs for the third Season.
While Lemonade may not be my cup of tea, it is very well done, and the tracks dropped with “Gordie Gordie Gordie” are sure to be a Pinot Noir sized hit.

And even though I just said doody, I’m not laughing.

The former mole people aren’t gone though, as Gretchen starts her own cult, and Jacqueline’s (Jane Krakowski) step-daughter Xanthippe (Dylan Gelula) takes on a larger role and becomes a little less annoying.

Thumbs are for hitchhiking and being Fonzy.

Netflix series are also becoming self-aware, and seemingly in the same universe, as Litchfield (the jail from Orange is the New Black) makes an appearance.

What the heck is a Minton?

This show keeps up its humor and enjoyability, getting a 9 out of 10.

Master of None #Season2

Master of None is back for another whirlwind season, as Aziz Ansari’s Dev continues his pasta making in Italy.

The season starts with Dev getting a birthday text from his ex, Rachel, sending him off into another tailspin and world traveling adventure.

The show touching on everything, from religion and dating to Clash of the Cupcakes and pork.
But it’s Aziz’s humor and supporting cast (and cameos) that keep this show a step above some of the other ones.

I’m a kid, I don’t watch Netflix. -Mario

Alessandra Mastronardi stars as Francesca, Eric Wareheim is back as the ‘big to his little’ Arnold.
Meanwhile, John Legend shows up for a musical performance, and Bobby Cannavale has a recurring role as the loud Chef Jeff.
And of course, the underrated stars of Season 1, his actual parents, make their return, this time with more tech issues for him to solve, and make him feel a little guilty for living his life.

Aren’t you two grown a** men? – Denise
Yeah, but we’re scared of our parents! – Dev

My favorite episode actually doesn’t star any of our main characters and is entitled New York, I Love You. The episode cycles through the lives of a few New Yorkers and highlights the ups and downs of working the needed jobs of NYC, from a doorman to a deaf grocery clerk to a taxi driver.

The show was thoroughly enjoyable and holds up its 8.5 out of 10.

Hulu Live Goes Live (in Beta)

Hulu has officially launched their live TV streaming service, and when I make the cord-cutting switch, they are the way I’m gonna go.

The price is $40, which compares to other companies offers of $35 but also includes Hulu’s library, so if you’re already paying $8 a month, it’s only a $32 add-on.

The service comes with a 50-hour DVR, and if you really need more (considering a lot of the shows on there are already in the library, so no need to record them) you can expand to 200 hours for another $15 a month.

Streaming is available on two screens at once, and for $15 a month, you can make it unlimited.
Want both unlimited screens and the 200 hour DVR? They can be combined with a $10 discount, at $20 a month.

One of the reasons I’ve always stayed away from cord-cutting is that I use Cable primarily for sports. Sling, which seemed like the best option until now, had two different plans…one that included Fox Sports and one the included ESPN, so to get both channels you’d have to sign up for both plans (a total of $45, and a lot of overlapping channels in the two).
Hulu has upped that game and includes both Fox Sports and ESPN, as well as some local stations, which in New York includes YES, which airs the Yankees and NYCFC.

Here is a full list of channels available on Hulu (as per the New York market) (in alphabetical order per category):

  • Local Channels: ABC 7, CBS 2, FOX 5, MY 9, NBC 4, YES Network
  • News: CNBC, CNN, CNN International, Fox Business, Fox News, HLN, MSNBC
  • Sports: Big 10 (BTN), CBS Sports, ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN News, ESPN U,  FS1, FS2, NBC Golf, NBC Sports, SEC Network, YES Network (local)
  • Entertainment & Lifestyle: A&E, Bravo, Chiller, E!, Food Network, Freeform, FX, FXX, fyi,, HGTV, History Channel, Lifetime, National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild, Oxygen, Pop, Syfy, TBS, Travel, TNT, truTV, USA, Viceland
  • Movies: FXM, Lifetime (LMN), Turner (TCM)
  • Family & Kids: Boomerang, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Disney JR, Disney XD, Sprout

Some of the more popular channels that are missing include Comedy Central, Discovery, HBO, NFL Network, MTV, and VH1.

If you subscribe to Hulu Live (or any of the cord-cutting streaming sites) let me know if it works, and if you’d recommend it!

Catastrophe – Season 3 #Review

Season 3 of Catastrophe is here, and Rob (Rob Delaney) and Sharon (Sharon Horgan) are back, picking up right where they left off…with Sharon cheating on Rob and having taken Plan B, shortly after just getting back together.

The humor and style are exactly like we’ve come to expect from Catastrophe.
At the end of the day, the recipe for this show is so simple: They argue, they make up, and they continue along their chaotic paths.

Sharon: Why are you wearing no trousers?
Rob: Because on top of everything else, I’m fat now and they hurt. So when I got home I threw them away.

This season also has the last TV appearances of Carrie Fisher, continuing the role as Rob’s mother. All that’s left for her releases are Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and Wonderwell.

But despite the continued chaos, this season is finally less dysfunctional, and because of that, it flows a lot better.
Season 3 has a 7.5 out of 10.

You should also read my reviews of Season 1 and Season 2.

Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On #Netflix #Review

Two years ago Rashida Jones put out the documentary Hot Girls Wanted, and it didn’t pack the punch it could’ve.

Now Netflix has turned it into a “show”, which in reality is six short extensions of the original. Each episode features a completely different topic, which will actually allow people to only watch the ones they are interested in.

The problem if you start with Episode 1 is that you are going to turn it off before you get to the most interesting episode (Episode 6), or the most powerful episode (Episode 5).

So instead of making you watch through all of them, and suffer, here they are ranked from “best” to “worst”. Remember that the show was rated a 4 out of 10, and this is mostly similar.

  • Episode 6 – The world today is a constant live stream, but when Marina Lonina streamed her friends’ sexual assault via Periscope, she got charged with “accomplice to assault, rape and kidnapping”. This episode explores her case, through the verdict.

    I should have just said no.

  • Episode 5 – They talk to a (married) cam girl about how sometimes a relationship is formed with their clients, and we see an American girl and an Australian guy get close, almost like therapists for each other. But when she finally goes to visit him, she realizes that hiding behind a screen doesn’t always play out the same in person.

    We sacrifice things we might not be comfortable with, to make other people happy.

  • Episode 2 – Former Big Brother contestant James Rhine is now a Tinder expert, going out each night with a different girl, and seemingly living the life. But when you breeze thru a date, and throw away each girl for the next one, without caring who you hurt along the way, how can you live a happy life?
  • Episode 1 – Female directors, a rarity in the industry, show their visions, including legendary photographer Suze Randall.
  • Episode 4 – They talk to a veteran male performer, as well as fresh talent, all while focusing on their talent agent, discussing how the industry is changing. But at the end of the day, with the consumers craving it, someone is going to do the job.
  • Episode 3 – Professional model Bailey Rayne show what it’s like to be self-employed in the industry, and together with agent John Steven they show what it’s like to help others break into the industry, and keep their head above water.

Why APB Is Destined To Fail

APB on Fox is a decent show, don’t let its badness fool you. But at the end of the day, they just try too hard.

The tech is insanely cool, and when the robot overlords take over the world, we will have plenty to look forward to.
And while the tech will make me turn on the show week after week, at the end of the day this needs to turn into a good cop show…and it just isn’t.

Every episode introduces a new tech toy that is imaginative, but it isn’t a sustainable model. After a while, you will run out of toys, or start making things that are just too far beyond reality and just become a “sci-fi show” instead of an “advanced reality”. With the bar set so high for new stuff, it’ll just be unable to continue.

The best tech character Ada (played by Caitlin Stasey) isn’t the lead female, and the actual male lead Gideon Reeves (Justin Kirk) is a rightfully overconfident rich man who is too cocky for a two-hour movie, let alone putting the audience through him week after week.
Meanwhile, lead Detective Murphy (Natalie Martinez) makes every episode feel like a tragic love story that is destined for her getting killed and Gideon going off on the bad guys, and that is in no way her fault, but rather the results of poor writing.

This show needs a direction, and like most successful dramas, needs a clear overall arching storyline that will keep the standard, non-techie, viewers coming back for more episodes…but the time is running out and this show seems headed for the recycling bin.