Because, aviously…

I am considering running promotions and giveaways, to promote traffic to the blog and my Twitter account…

What sort of things would draw you in to a promotion? Would it be tickets to sporting events? iPods? Tourist attractions?

Or maybe something entirely different?

Please comment on here or via Twitter or email.

And just know, to my two or three loyal readers, that the more feedback I get, the more likely free things will be given away!

So spread the word, and let’s see what we can make happen 🙂

3 thoughts on “#AvisTravels Giveaways

  1. abigailjaffe says:

    K so I’m like the only commenter ever (awk) but you need to refine your blogs mission and purpose and create a niche for yourself if you want to drive traffic. I struggled with that on my own blog and gained a lot more readers when I consolidated to PR/tech/media topics. Unless someone knows you, they won’t keep coming back to your blog for your opinions on TV shows, citi bike etc.

    Also, do you have an end goal for driving traffic? Do you simply want the clicks, or want it to spill over on to your larger internet presence? Id suggest you reflect your title and start blogging about your actual travels to consolidate your brand and authenticity. It’s all about the brand and content is king, as we say.

    That’s a little tough love from a PR perspective but I think it will help if you heed it.

  2. @iAmAviG says:

    – I’ve gotten emails as well, which don’t appear on here…why email and not comments, I am not sure…
    – In the past, on previous blogs, I’ve been given similar advice to create a mission/purpose/niche, and I’ve geared them towards one goal/objective, and I’ve discovered that all that doesn’t really matter…either you’ll have readers or you won’t.
    – Nope, no end goal, just readers.

  3. abigailjaffe says:

    Well I disagree with the “either you have readers or you won’t.” If you’re a super popular mommy blogger, people will read whatever you write. But if you want to build your brand, there are stepping stones. You need credibility, and if you write about all sorts of different things, people won’t come to your blog to read your opinions if they don’t know you. because at the end of the day, everyone has a blog, and you need a way to stand out.

    How many subscribers do you have? I have like 20 on my blog, but I hardly post. To gain a lot of traction you either need a crazy and disruptive social media strategy, become really famous really quickly, or refine your mission. jes sayin

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