Because, aviously…

This post is a bit belated, but still relevant.

Tennis has four major tournaments every year – The Australian Open (January); The French Open (May/June); Wimbledon (June/July); and The U.S. Open (August/September).

But when players step onto the courts of Wimbledon, they realize that it is indeed a royal event.

The event is different from the three other Majors in numerous ways:

  • It is the oldest tournament in Tennis, dating back to the 1870s.
  • It is the last Major played on Grass, which is what the original tennis matches were played on (other Majors are played on Sand/Clay (French Open), Hardcourt (US Open) and Plexicushion (Australian Open).
  • Speech – While other tournaments have “Men’s” and “Women’s” play, Wimbledon refers to them as “Gentelmen’s” and “Ladies'” matches.
  • The Royal Box located on the Centre Court houses all sorts of royalty that show up to the matches, and as such, the players will sometimes bow towards the box (depending who is there).
    • The Queen herself has shown up at matches, after a 33-year stay away (returning to watch a match featuring Britain’s own Andy Murray in 2010).
    • The Duke of Kent is in charge of the All England Tennis and Croquet Club. The current title is held by Prince Edward, who has held the position since 1942.
  • And lastly, the dress code:
    • Players are expected to wear all white clothing, and in recent years it has been cracked down on, removing any color or logos from the clothes, to prevent advertisements.
    • In recent years they have relaxed the rules on spectators, but in the past, most attendees would show up to matches in suits and ties.

Wimbledon Logo


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