Because, aviously…

After 8 seasons, a movie, and 200+ episodes, 24 came to a close last night.

While recent years felt dry and repetitive, writers went all out with this final season, entitled “24: Live Another Day”.

Previous seasons took 24 episodes, with each episode corresponding to 1-hour and playing out in real time. This season was different, as the 24 hours was played out over only 12 episodes, but that didn’t slow them down at all.

Packing everything in, from kidnappings and murder, to old rekindled romances, this season left fans wanting more of Jack Bauer.

The finale last night was incredible, pulling at heartstrings of fans, leaving no eyes dry (certainly among those who have been watching for multiple years), and having you feel for characters (and against them), the way that only Jack Bauer could make you feel.

For those that haven’t watched previous years, it really wouldn’t’ve mattered, as this season gave you reason enough to like (and dislike) certain characters, and still get an emotional attachment to the show.

One more season? It’s always nice to wish for…


One thought on “24: Live Another Day – Series Finale (No Spoilers)

  1. FrumGeek says:

    I think there’ll be another season. There are some shows you don’t have to worry about when they get cancelled or get a final season, bc you just know they’ll be back, like Community or Futurama or Arrested Development or Firefly. (Ok,firefly didn’t come back, but we got a movie.)

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