Because, aviously…

The title of this post is something that I have come to realize more and more the further I am away from my college graduation.

Since that day (which somehow is now more than three years ago) I have found myself being contacted less and less by friends and the likes.

But when I do hear from them first (without me reaching out and trying to make a connection <more on that in a second>) I just know that within a message or two I should expect to hear a favor that is needed.

The favor can be something like “Do you happen to have this book that I need” or “Are you going to _____, I need a ride” to even “Hey, I am collecting money for _____ can you give to the cause”?

Now, me being the nice guy that I am, if I can help with a favor, I generally will…but when I don’t hear from someone for a while, and then I get that monetary request, I just think it is a little petty for someone to do that…but that’s just my thought on it.

As for when I reach out first…well that is just a whole ‘nother game, in which it can go a whole bunch of ways…ranging from the strangeness that I mentioned a few weeks ago (spoken about here) to actual <albeit generally short lived> conversations.

Why people think that others are disposable I’ll never understand. But they should start thinking more about others, and what they might be feeling/thinking before they use them for their own general purposes.

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