Because, aviously…

Figured I’d give this a try, just in case someone missed a big story (and I still have a little “Avi News Network” (ANN) in my system)…So here are some of the top stories from the month of July <and in most cases a helpful MORE link with more info from a variety of sources/locations>:

July 1 – FTC accuses T-Mobile of knowingly billing customers for hundreds of millions of dollars in bogus charges MORE (WSJ)

July 1 – The United States Men’s National Team is knocked out of the World Cup MORE (Fox Sports)

July 1 – Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, announces he has ‘curable cancer’ MORE (Bloomberg)

July 3 – DOW closes above 17K for the first time MORE (USA Today)

July 3 – Hurricane Arthur hits land MORE (Travel Weekly)

July 8 – Cleveland named host of the 2016 Republican National Convention MORE (ABC News)

July 9 – Ray Nagin, former New Orleans mayor, sentenced to 10-years in prison (for money laundering/bribery) MORE (NBC News)

July 11 – 30 Ukranian troops killed MORE (Yahoo)

July 11 – Lebron chooses Cleveland MORE (Sports Illustrated)

July 12 – Tommy Ramone dies, age 65 MORE (Chicago Tribune)

July 13 – Germany wins the World Cup MORE (ESPN)

July 15 – Israel accepts Gaza ceasefire, which is rejected by Hamas MORE (Fox News)

July 15 – Moscow train derailment kills 20+ MORE (CNN)

July 17 – Microsoft announces the elimination of 18,000 jobs MORE (Fox Business)

July 17 – Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 is shot down over Ukraine, killing 298 on board MORE (CBS DC)

July 17 – Israel launches ground offensive in Gaza MORE (Jerusalem Post)

July 20 – James Garner dies, age 86 MORE (LA Times)

July 23 – TransAsia flight crashes killing 40+ MORE (BBC News Asia)

July 23 – 2 Ukrainian Military Jets shot down MORE (NY Times)

July 24 – Air Algerie flight crashes killing 116 MORE (Reuters)

July 26 – US evacuates its embassy in Libya MORE (RT)

July 31 – Dow closes down 317 points, evening out for the year MORE (MarketWatch)

July 31 – Hamas and Israel agree to 72-hour Humanitarian ceasefire MORE (Washington Post)

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