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Mental Health Awareness #BellLetsTalk – 2017

Today is the 7th Annual Bell Let’s Talk day.

The Canadian telecommunications company, Bell, has made this day a yearly focus on Mental Health issues, nd encouraging everyone to talk about it.

Last year I posted on it, simply describing the cause, and this year it has taken on a new meaning after losing a friend to mental health issues in June of 2016.

It’s already trending early this morning on Twitter, and for every tweet that uses the hashtag #BellLetsTalk the company will give 5¢ to mental health initiatives. The same goes true if you use their designated Snapchat filter.

As of this posting, there have been over 6 million interactions, which can all be tracked here.

Please make sure to help spread the word on mental illness, and keep an eye on those around you who might be suffering.

If you want to donate to the cause, I would recommend NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness), who are the nation’s largest grassroots mental health advocacy organization.

FLL Shooting Thoughts

After the shooting at Fort Lauderdale airport on Friday, the focus of many people was on the wrong thing.

He took the gun out of his luggage and loaded it in the bathroom before returning to the baggage claim.

The fact that the gun was in his luggage was inconsequential. People need ways to transport personal property across the country, whether it’s a pet, a pair of slacks or a gun.
They aren’t allowed onto the flights in carry-on, but packed away in your suitcase, stored under the plane, there’s nothing wrong with that.

There is no difference between the fact that he had just gotten off a plane and someone who wanders into baggage claim.
Most airports have lax security in that area, as family and taxi drivers wander in to help arrivals with their luggage.

Maybe the solution is to add security measures to that area as well? Not necessarily needing a boarding pass, but passing through a security area when entering the airport.
Department of Defense has worked in the past, along with the NYPD, on long-range gun detection devices, that’d alert security personnel to incoming threats.
Throw those at the entryways/walkways leading up to the airports and you secure it just a little more.

But there is no difference between the fact that this happened in an airport or if it had happened in the Grand Canyon or Nashville or any other populated area.

Trusting The News

Yesterday I read an article, in which the writer blamed the news deliverer for bringing him bad news, before it had been confirmed.

I’ve discussed similarly in the past and I am going to focus on it again today.

People need to go to news sources they trust. If you can’t rely on a news source, or don’t fully trust them, then go somewhere else.
It’s like the people I see complaining all day that “Fox News isn’t fair and balanced”…….well, if you don’t like the news they are giving you, what’s forcing you to watch the channel?

And if you go to a news source that gives you bad information, or causes you to make bad decisions, why blame the news source?
You trusted them. You are at fault.

A classic example is weather. I trust certain websites/channels more than others to be correct on storm tracking and snow amounts.
Why do I trust these sources? Because they’ve been correct in the past and they use weather models that are more accurate (albeit less proven) than the popular sites use.

Another example, and a great one for holding accountability on yourself and not the source, is financial information.
If you listen to an analyst who tells you to buy a stock, and that stock tanks, you can’t always blame the analyst…unless they have a bad track record, including getting bought off by companies to promote their stocks.


More Sports Talk Radio

About 13 months ago I stated that I had started listening to Sports Talk Radio, and these days I listen more than I ever have before.

When I leave work, I no longer want to hear “News”, as politics and serious stories have had their fill for the day.
In the same sense, once it gets past 8AM, most sports news is old sports news, as we are all caught up on last nights scores and storylines.

So the focus becomes digging up good sports conversations and talking points, or just plain old chatting about the idiotic things in the world, that keeps me entertained.

With all that in mind, here is what I’m listening to these days on the radio…surprisingly all three shows are from the same station, 98.7 ESPN-NY.

  • The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz – 10AM-12PM – This show is the one that only has two type of people:
    Those that hate the show, and those that love it. And it’s the ones who hate it that keep it on the air.
    Dan lives off of the hate that spews from the listeners, who mostly just don’t get the show, and Stugotz is the perfect sidekick…because he is the strangest man you will ever listen to.
    From regular guests Tim Kurkjian’s infectious laugh to “What He Looks Like” to the weekly mis-timing of Greg Cote and “Back in my Day” this show should pull most people into the insanity and giant mess that ESPN puts on-air.
  • Hahn and Humpty – 12PM-3PM — Alan Hahn, Newsday writer who used to cover the NY Islanders, and Rick DiPietro, Former New York Islanders goaltender, host this show, which was designed for overnights.
    They used to be on late nights, after Rangers/Knicks games, and they had no issue featuring dirtier talk. But when they got moved to midday, they promised to not change a thing…and they haven’t.
    It’s your late-night comedy hour airing in noon form. And it’s fantastic.
    It also features Bill Daughtry who does the Sports Center “What you need to know” updates, and as a third member of the chat team.
  • The Michael Kay Show – 3PM-7PM — Michael Kay, Yankees broadcaster, and Don La Greca, Rangers studio host, host this show.
    From crazy rants, in which no one is watching, to trying to convince everyone that they don’t just talk about the Yankees, this show really does cover everything.
    The addition of Peter Rosenberg, from “Ebro in the Morning” on Hot-97, has brought pop culture and off-sports to the show (like WWE and Boxing).
    That doesn’t include what has quickly become their most popular segment: EEN (ESPN Evening News), in which they cover all sorts of oddities that happen in and out of the sports world. This has actually been repeated recently on Hahn and Humpty in the form of a segment called “Afternoon Delight”.

ESPN NY Poster

Package Thief Exposed

Friday afternoon I went to take out the trash, and noticed a guy bent over on my neighbors porch.

As I walked down my stairs, he straightened up, came down the stairs, and walked past me, holding a couple of bags in his right hand (the side further away from me).

My first thought was: “Did he just steal something off their porch?” (as I had heard a FedEx truck earlier in the day).

I ran upstairs and grabbed my coat, and chased after the guy to get a picture of him.
I couldn’t confront him because I had not yet checked the porch to see if he had indeed taken something.

After I got back home I looked and saw that there was an empty box, and when I checked surveillance footage, I saw that he was an opportunist who was walking down the block, saw the package, pulled out a blade, and swooped for the kill.

The ease that he did the act, the calmness that he left with the items and slipped them into his backpack, makes me think this isn’t his first (or last) time doing it.

Here is his picture. Keep an eye out for him, and if you see him, try and keep him in your sights to help keep the neighborhood safe!

Package Thief

Mental Health Awareness – #BellLetsTalk

Today is the 6th Annual Bell Let’s Talk day.

The day is a Canadian based campaign focused on talking about mental health issues and encouraging everyone to talk their stories out.

Bell Media runs this program, and for every Tweet with the #BellLetsTalk attached to it will raise $0.05 for charity (towards mental health awareness), and similarly, every share of this Facebook post will raise the same.

As of 7AM Eastern Time this post already had over 25K shares.

The networks of Bell Media, which include TSN and CTV News, will feature lots of programming today, all focused on the topic.

The Case For Pete Rose In The Hall of Fame

Pete Rose was denied reinstatement by Major League Baseball last week…and they are 100% correct.

Pete Rose erred back in the 1980s and a lot of times since, lied about it, finally came clean, yet still does the actions (which are not illegal) and hasn’t fully atoned for his sins.

Because of all that Pete Rose should NOT be allowed back into baseball. He shouldn’t be allowed as a manager. He shouldn’t be allowed to partake in MLB ceremonies and the likes.

However, he does deserve to be in the Hall of Fame, and the reasoning is simple.

The Hall of Fame is a place for people to go to learn about the history of the sport, and see the greatest players that have played the game. And while Pete Rose may have wronged some people with his actions, he is still part of the history of the game.

None of his actions affected his 4,256 hits, 3,562 games played or 3,215 singles…all of which are Major League records to this day (among other records he holds for At-Bats and Outs).

Three World Series, batting titles, and an MVP and Rookie of the Year Award are all despite his betting on the sport.

Bet all you want, but only talent will make you a 17-time All Star.

Pete Rose - AP via

Pete Rose – AP via