Because, aviously…

In the past I have talked about my little leather addiction, and today I wanted to follow up on the great customer service that Saddleback Leather has provided.

To recap: Saddleback Leather (saddlebackleather.com) makes all sorts of leather products, right here in America, and the quality of them is amazing.

But recently I had an issue with my iPad case, where the straps would make a weird popping sound upon opening. So I contacted them via Twitter, just to make sure my case didn’t have any real issues:

Their response was immediate, saying that they had had issues with the treatment of leather on some of their cases, and they would send me out a new one, free of charge (before I sent mine back, that way I would always have protection for my iPad).

When the new one arrived (just a couple of days later), it was a gorgeous piece of fresh leather, but unfortunately one of the holders for the iPad was a little large and came bent out of shape.

Upon telling them this, and showing them a picture of the flaw, they sent out a third one, again at no charge, while I still held onto the first two, so that once again, I wouldn’t be without protection.

I am happy to say that the new one is just as great as the first one (with the added bonus of the fresh smell of leather).

iPad Case

If you ever need something leather, you should most definitely go to saddlebackleather.com and if you ever need some help you should contact them via Twitter and get the lucky opportunity to talk to Tim, the bearded wonder (below), or even Keenan.


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