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Extended Warranties and Your Credit Card – @Chase

When you buy an item, especially of value, it’s usually done on a credit card.

And what we often forget is that Credit Cards offer extended warranties.
Chase Freedom, 1 year. Citi Double Cash, 2 year. And I’m sure your cards have similar incentives.

But we never think about it nor take it advantage of it.

Recently my Moto 360 started acting up. Whenever it would have extended vibrations (phone calls, multiple notifications at once, etc.) it would shut off, and couldn’t be turned back on until placed on its dock.
And when it would start to recharge, it would pick up right from where it was before it died (if it had been at 81%, it would start from there, etc.).
So it wasn’t killing the battery completely, it was just shorting out.

Unfortunately it was 20 months after I had bought the device, and the Motorola warranty was for 12-months.
Something sparked in the back of my mind, reminding me that my Chase Visa Card extends warranties. So I called them up and told them my scenario, and they told me to send it in for an estimate.

Motorola reviewed it, and determined that it would cost $100 for repair, and Chase/Visa approved it.

Last week I got the Moto 360 back on my wrist, and the battery is as good as it was on Day 1.
I am getting full days (3AM-8PM) battery life, with more to spare if I needed it.

Thank you Chase and Visa for making it easy!

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Black Friday Loser

I don’t even follow my advice from last year and I am OUT OF CONTROL this year.

I started yesterday afternoon, with a purchase I’ve actually been waiting for, finally went on a 31% off sale and I pounced.
Somehow I selected free shipping and it’s still supposed to arrive today…I don’t understand it sometimes.

But then this morning I bought one or two things that I didn’t need (Hello Nintendo DSi) but I plan on donating it to charity in one way or another, so it’s all for a good cause.

Customer Service at @Jet gets an A++

My Dad placed his first order last week, and eagerly awaited the special purple box. I’ve talked previously about Jet, and my little Jet Li action figure.

Jet Box

He ordered two items, that generally come with a bonus pack (Ex. Buy the 300 pack, and get 24 free!), yet when they showed up, it was just the generic packaging, with only 300.

After reaching out to Jet, they took no time in fixing their mistake, and sending out a package with 200 more of the item, at no charge to us at all.

Thanks Jet for stepping up and doing more than what was expected in correcting the mistake!

Car Trunk Essentials

Anyone who drives needs to have some things in their cars.

These things are there just in case, and hopefully should never be needed. But if you run into a situation, you’d be good to go.

Here are three things I have in my car (and their Amazon link, if needed).

  • Air Compressor – This handy device plugs into your cars cigarette lighter, and can fill up your tires if you are low, or even if you have a hole, it can sometimes get you filled enough to get to a repair shop.
  • Winter Kit – The one I bought is from AAA and has all sorts of things you hope to never need, things like strobe lights, fleece, mini-shovel, and a first aid kit.
  • Compact Jump Starter – No second car required to boost your car (or charge your phone, if you so choose), which can come in handy if you travel to rural locations in the colder months.

Amazon Basics

It is definitely not new, as Amazon launched Basics back in 2009, but it is still a very relevant talking point.

Amazon Basics is a line of (mostly) electronic accessories, made by Amazon, and costing the consumer a lot less then the comparable item from another company.

For example, an Apple cable from Lightning to USB costs $19 from Apple directly but only costs $8.79 from Amazon!

I myself have bought many items from them, including HDMI cables (which strangely don’t come with a lot of items that need them…) and chargers, and haven’t had any issues with them and they cost me only fractions of the price!

Amazon Basics

And as always don’t forget to sign up for Amazon Smile and give some money to charity!



Century 21 – The Only Place For Ties…and More

I go to Century 21 pretty frequently, and the reason is quite simple…

Their prices are unbeatable.

Shirts are potluck there, where sometimes you can find your size and style, although I’d have to assume more normal sized people don’t have an issue.

Ties though are a real bargain, with ties in the $10-$25 range. These are legitimate companies for ties, and the selection is enormous. Colors and styles are aplenty, and their is always something for your taste.

Another thing I’ve bought there is luggage. Again with a nice size selection of colors and sizes, and the prices are seemingly unbeatable. I’ve bought multiple pieces of luggage there, mostly from Samsonite.

I go to the one on 86th street, because of convenience and cheap parking right across the street, but the one in Downtown NYC has good selections as well.

Jet Li Makes An Appearance @Jet #Jetbot

Last week the company Jet ran a Facebook campaign, to help name their “Jet Bot”, the “mascot” of the company. I of course went with Jet Li, and won one of their bots.

For those that aren’t aware of Jet, they are a “shopping club” who is slowly rolling open this Spring. Details can be found on their site.

Jet Box

I received the box earlier this week and found a nice personalized hand-written note inside the box.

Jet Note

Dear Avi,

Today you are receiving a new addition to your family. We fully expect that your new found relationship with Jet Li will bring you a level of happiness beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before.

It’s extremely important to follow these directions:
1. Remove from box
2. Assemble into shape
3. Introduce yourself
4. Feed 3X daily (favorite meal is fuel)
5. Take for walks (preferably during sunset)
6. Tuck into bed by 10PM (favorite bedtime story is “Goodnight Moon”)

We trust Jet Li is in good hands and we’re going to miss him dearly. Please feel free to post some of his special moments on Instagram using #Jetbot so we can repost his travels.

With love,


Within the big box was a smaller box, or a cube, which contained my yet to be configured bot.

Jet Cube

I unpacked and unfurled, twisted and turned, and I present to you Mr. Jet Li:

Jet Box - Jet Li

And no Jet is complete without a Reacher book.