Because, aviously…

We all knew it will happen at some point, the only question is…when?

Being off of it for 3+ months (110 days to be exact) has been one of the best things I have done, but at the same time, I miss out on some of the things it has to offer that other sites don’t…such as Events.

The obvious time for me to have gone back on two weeks ago, with my birthday, but that seemed like it would have been a call for attention, which wasn’t my goal.

With my return, there will be a lot more transparency in my life, being that I now have a blog, in my name, on which I’ll say (and have said) whatever I feel like.

On the same note, anything posted on my wall, or commented on of mine, are fair game to be posted on my blog (with a disclaimer on my page of course…don’t want to violate those “Facebook Rights and Responsibilities” agreements 😉 ).

Oh, and posting links to this blog on Facebook couldn’t hurt either, being that I average about one view per post 🙂

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