Because, aviously…

Over the last few weeks I have been seeing a lot of ads for Red Band Society, and with each passing ad it made me want to watch less and less. They seemed to be pushing for the Glee crowd, and whilst the show may have similar age range of the characters, the similarities in this dramedy, at least to me, end there.

This past weekend I watched the Pilot for the show, and was very surprised to enjoy it, quickly adding it to my queue.

The show revolves around a group of teens that are all in a hospital for an extended stay, be it for numerous reasons, including cancer and eating disorders.

It is narrated by Charlie, otherwise known as “Coma Boy”, and has other memorable characters, such as Leo (“The Rebel”), who is short a leg, but not short on character; Kara (“Mean Girl”), a high-school ‘popular’ cheerleader who is found to have an enlarged heart; and Jordi (“The New Guy”) who refers himself to the leading Dr. at the hospital, for cancer treatment.

Amongst these are also some notable stars…Octavia Spencer, of The Help fame, who plays Nurse Jackson (“Scary Bitch”), the ‘warden’ of this particular hospital wing…and Astro, who made his rise on the X-Factor, playing Dash (“The Player”), the trusty sidekick of Leo.

The show also does a nice take on the “Send Pizza Room 4112” story that flashed across the internet a few years ago (STORY HERE), as it is one of the things that Charlie really wants, the smell of pizza.

I would rank the pilot as an 8 out of 10, and will definitely give the next few episodes a fighting chance to stay in my rotation of shows.

Luck isn’t getting what you want, it’ surviving what you don’t want. – Charlie

Life is full of black holes and the only person that can pull you out of it, is you. – Nurse Jackson

Your body isn’t you. Your soul is you. And they can never cut into your soul. – Leo


“Yolo” – Dash…And these kids are making the most of that once.

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