Because, aviously…

Since this was popular last month (1 viewer in the first 5 days it was posted…I didn’t check in the 25 days since), I figured why change things, and I’ll keep doing it!

So here is your August news <and in most cases a helpful MORE link with more info from a variety of sources/locations>:

August 2 – First ever Ebola patient on US soil arrives MORE (WSJ)

August 4 – Former press secretary under Reagan, James Brady dies, Age 73 MORE (NYT)

August 4 – Israel and Hamas reach an Egyptian-backed 72-hour ceasefire MORE (Washington Post)

August 5 – 2-star US General killed in Afghanistan MORE (WJLA)

August 7 – President Obama approves humanitarian drops in Iraq MORE (Fox News)

August 9 – Michael Brown is shot by cops in Ferguson, Missouri, leading to days of protests/violence MORE (Yahoo)

August 9 – Tony Stewart fatally hits another dirt race driver MORE (Fox Sports)

August 10 – Rory McIlroy wins PGA Championship MORE (SB Nation)

August 11 – Comedian, actor Robin Williams dies, Age 63 MORE (Rolling Stone)

August 12 – Actress Lauren Bacall dies, Age 89 MORE (BBC)

August 14 – Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki gives up post MORE (Politico)

August 15 – ISIS massacres 80 Yazidis MORE (Daily Mail)

August 15 – Texas Governor Rick Perry indicted over coercion MORE (Greenville)

August 18 – Saturday Night Live’ announcer Don Pardo dies, Age 96 MORE (Mashable)

August 20 – James Foley, journalist held in Syria, beheaded by ISIS MORE (Al Jazeera America)

August 21 – Americans with Ebola released from Atlanta hospital MORE (Boston)

August 24 – Northern California hit with 6.0 earthquake, largest since 1989 MORE (LA Times)

August 24 – Peter Theo Curtis, journalist held in Syria since, freed MORE (Slate)

August 24 – Actor, Richard Attenborough dies, Age 90 MORE (TMZ)

August 25 – The S&P 500 crosses the 2,000 point mark for the first time MORE (My Fox Philly)

August 29 – UK raises threat level to “Severe” MORE (Sky News)

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