Because, aviously…

Licenses are acquired at different ages depending on the state of residence, but regardless where you get it, you need to take a road test that proves you know how to properly operate the vehicle.

Unfortunately, once you passed the test once, you don’t have to ever take it again, even as you age, and renew your license.

Personally, I think a lot of people on the roads can do with refresher courses, especially as they get older, and as new laws and street lines (such as the stop line at intersections, which people clearly don’t know about) come out every few years.

The refresh road test should simply be driving. It doesn’t (based on NYC standards) necessarily need to include K-Turns, but parking might need to be in there, as bumpers are used more often than not for bumping.

Simply enough:

  • Every 10 years from 18-40 years old
  • Every 5 years from 40-65 years old
  • Every 2 years from 65+


One thing that should be added to a road test, is learning how to pump gas. This is something that could be highly dangerous if done wrong (such as overfilling or not closing it correctly) but most people get 0 training on how to do.

It wouldn’t take that much to add that to a road test, and I am sure that you can get some Corporate Sponsorship, from Sunoco or BP or the likes, which would help either subsidize the tests or at the least bring more income to the cities.

Handicappers Take Advantage

While I am sure many people who use the handicapped placards in their cars truly are handicapped, and shouldn’t be walking long distances, the lines need to be drawn somewhere. Here are two examples that I’ve noticed frequently in my area of people who should have it revoked, simply for abuse of the system (regardless of if they have issues or not…these just aren’t acceptable):

  • Alternate side parking: The street in front of my house is NEVER swept by the truck, because every time it comes down my block, the neighbor who lives across the street from me, with her handicap card, parks in front of my house.
    Now you might think “Well, she’s handicapped, and that spot is open”…but what I didn’t mention was: SHE HAS A DRIVEWAY.
    Stop preventing people from doing their jobs properly, simply because you are too lazy to pull into your own driveway.
  • For the last few weeks I have noticed a handicap carded vehicle parking over the weekends in the “Doctors Only” section of parking outside a nearby hospital. And yes, I am certain that the car doesn’t belong to a Dr. at the hospital.
    While this in itself isn’t such a big deal (unless of course a Doctor is rushing in for surgery and can’t find parking because of it), this week the car was parked RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE EMERGENCY ROOM ENTRANCE.
    That’s right, where the ambulances are supposed to pull up and unload, this car just parks for the weekend, because they can.

While I am not against people who truly need handicapped cards to receive them, they shouldn’t be allowed to completely abuse the system.

4 thoughts on “Licenses, Road Tests, and Handicapped Parking

  1. Sebastian says:

    Seems to me like age discrimination. Why do you have issues with older people? Respect your elders and maybe they will drive better!

    1. @iAmAviG says:

      It 100% is age discrimination. Simply based on statistics alone. Their hand-eye coordination goes down. Their eyesite gets worse. Gotta go with the facts.

  2. Robert says:

    do you really want to take a driving test every 10 years? their is a difference between knoing how to drive and knowing how too drive for a driving test

    1. @iAmAviG says:

      Do I want to take a test again every 10 years? No. But I do think a lot of people need to be reminded of the rules once in a while, and this may be the easiest way.

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