Because, aviously…

EA Access is the new subscription-based service being offered by Electronic Arts.

While originally going to be offered on all next-gen gaming systems, Sony turned down the offer, leaving it as a Microsoft exclusive service for now.

For only $5 a month, or $30 for the year, this service is a no-brainer for any gamer.

Access gives players a chance to try out new games up to 5-days early, and then gives off 10% when you actually buy the game (if you choose to). Which in reality, offsets the price of the service for the year.

Even better, Access has a library of games for you to download from. These games are the FULL VERSIONS of the game, and once a game has entered the library, it’ll be there forever. So with only a few games there now (more on that in a second), it will be an ever expanding service.

The games offered in the library aren’t the newest games, but to most gamers that really shouldn’t matter.

  • Sports – Madden 25, FIFA 14 are among the starting games in the library. Sure, they are last years versions of sporting games, but for some users (Read: Me) who don’t care about soccer rosters, but enjoy playing the game once in a while, it’s great to have access to
  • Battlefield 4 – What’s that? It came out in 2013? Did you play it yet? I know I didn’t. So when my First-Person shooter yearly fix comes around (usually about 2 weeks before a new Call Of Duty comes out) I’ll get to play through this game.
  • Need For Speed: Rivals – Similar to Battlefield, there are times I just want to sit back and race. But I’ll go out and buy a racing game, play it for a week or two, and then be done with. Cars to me just get boring after a while…I don’t care about unlocking the most expensive McLaren out there. And any N4S is the newest N4S as far as I care.

This really is a great deal, for an extraordinary price. Rating for this service is a solid 10 out of 10.


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