Because, aviously…

I’ve been mostly quiet so far this year about the Cowboys, as I keep waiting for the bubble to burst.

But after yesterday’s win over the defending Super Bowl Champion’s, the Seattle Seahawks, it is safe to say that they looked good yesterday. The defense stepped up when they had to, and the offense just pounds through every time they seem out of it.

So I figured I’d throw a few stats out there, since all the people (particularly New York Giants fans in prep for the upcoming game) will be hating on them…and it’s hard to argue with cold hard facts!

  • Tony Romo has 26 game-winning drives since 2006. The most in the league in that time.
  • DeMarco Murray has 785 rushing yards on the season, most in the league. The closest, is 243 yards less.\
  • DeMarco Murray has 6-straight 100+ yard rushing games to start the season, tying Jim Brown’s 1958 record.
  • Dan Bailey hit a 56 yard FG yesterday, a career long.
  • Dan Bailey is currently the most accurate kicker in league history.
  • Dallas is 5-1, tied for their best start since 1996.

One thought on “Dallas Cowboys – By The Numbers

  1. Sebastian says:

    Looks like that lineman went to Sayerville High!

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