Because, aviously…

New York City has slowly been introducing their “Slow Zones” throughout the city, lowering the speed limit in those areas from 30MPH to 25MPH.

But on November 7th, the entire city’s standard speed limit will reduce to 25MPH.

The goal is to reduce the speeds and prevent accidents, or more importantly to the city’s goal, is to prevent pedestrians from getting hit.

The first thing that this city really needs to do, is teach safe crossing…sure we all cross at red lights when their are no cars coming…but some people start crossing too late in the countdown, and don’t make it all the way across before oncoming traffic starts moving again (or for those playing the lights, comes rushing through at the aforementioned 30MPH).

The other is making the mistake that a car will see them if they are crossing…or in the case of taxis, see them and just not care, rather cut them off, leaving them stranded in the middle of crossing, with cars all around them.

Maybe the solution isn’t slowing cars down, but instead adding islands in the middle of larger streets, so that those that do cross late, can stop halfway when they realize they can’t make it…or better, the islands can be used when people don’t look properly before crossing by red and getting caught halfway.


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