Because, aviously…

Instagram is a service that I have never understood.

People take great pictures, and throw filters on them that ruin the true beauty of the shot. Or people take crappy shots, and only a filter can make them look good.

Regardless, it seems pretty pointless to me…why not just continue to post pictures on Facebook or Twitter, like people had been doing before.

But the real thing that boggles my mind are the “Private accounts”, in which you need permission to view their photos.

Some of these people (and the real reason for my bewilderment today) have in their description “Artist” or “Photographer”.

If you want to advertise yourself as an artist or photographer, why would you hide your photos? What if someone (like me) wants to view your work, but doesn’t have an Instagram account?

Peoples security online always baffles me…they don’t really know what they are doing, or why, but they think that clicking certain buttons helps them…the same people can be found with open profiles (to some extent) on Facebook, or just pictures that pop up when you Google their names. Maybe that is a whole ‘nother topic to discuss…internet security and how to protect yourself.

Instagram Private Meme

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