Because, aviously…

A few weeks (months?) ago I wanted to send someone a custom postcard, with my own picture and writing on it.

I looked into my options, as a postcard must be specific sizing, and wanted to go with Walgreens.

Walgreens was going to charge me .39 a piece to print…but I couldn’t pick it up from a store. I would have to have it shipped to me…in other words, they would put my postcard in an envelope, and I’d pay shipping on that, and then pay shipping again to send the postcard. And if I sent the package directly, they’d get an envelope with a postcard, instead of a postcard….

So I went looking around, and found a decent app called Postagram. I say decent, because it crashes all the time, but it gets the job done!

For .99 they print and ship my postcard, with my own picture and 140 characters of text, and it’s there just a couple of days later.

So the Walgreens would’ve costed me .39 for printing + XX for shipping + .34 to mail it…so you gotta figure that is around the same .99 total (if not more with Walgreens shipping charges…), and I’d have to deal with it twice.

Now thanks to Postagram, I see something, take the picture, and seconds later I don’t have to think about it anymore.

And just like that I am slowly funding USPS’s deficit.

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