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Going At It Alone

This Sunday I went to Monster Jam on my own. This follows solo trips to Virginia, Niagara, and Washington D.C., including a Garth Brooks concert, among other things.

Is it fun to go to these events alone? Nope.
Is it necessary to go to these events alone? Yes.

When planning these trips, there is always the option of adding an extra person, it’s usually as simple as adding a hotel room…and with Monster Jam there was an unused ticket that went to waste.

If I waited for someone to do all these things with I never would have walked the Freedom Trail in Boston, wandered thru the streets of Camden Yards, or felt the spray of the Class 6 White Water Rapids of Niagara.
Never would I have stomped around the Tidal Basin or climbed the staircases of the New York Capitol, and it’s likely I never would have rocked out with the fine people of Richmond.

No, I definitely don’t want to have done all these alone. It would be a lot nicer to have someone to share the experiences with, to talk about the fun times that was had.

But until all that is an option, I’m just gonna have to keep going at it all alone.

Birthday Wishes From All Over – 2016 Edition

My birthday was yesterday, and with it came the flood of corporate emails with well wishes, here are a few of them:

Twitter Profile Balloons

Twitter Profile Balloons

Hertz Birthday 2016

Fandango Birthday 2016

DD Birthday 2016

Thank you also to all the people that texted/called/Facebook’d/WhatsApp’d with well wishes yesterday.
It was much appreciated!

Common Decency

Recently I donated four tickets to a NYCFC match to a charity auction.
The tickets were won by someone, and I got their contact info so that I could send them the tickets.

Two weeks before the event the tickets were sent to them.
A few days before the event I messaged the winners, reminding them to claim their tickets.

They never did claim their tickets, and they never did respond to my email reminders.

What I don’t understand is why they didn’t message me to say “thanks for the tickets, but we don’t have a need for them”.
I could have sold the tickets and made my money back.
I could have given the tickets away for free.

Would it have been so difficult to have sent a single response?
I just don’t understand people.

</end rant>

Rebranding And The Birth of Aviously

It is time to change the name of the blog.

#AvisTravels was born when I went on a 17-hour Amtrak ride and documented the trip using the name. It was an ideal name for my blog, as I sub-headlined it “Traveling the World, My Mind, and My Life”. But people liked to think of it as a “Travel Blog” because of the name, and that led to most of my posts being confusing.

So with a new name needed after two solid years, I went with the obvious. A playful mix of my name, Avi, and the fact that I love to state the obvious.

Aviously will continue to be everything it was until now: Reviews, thoughts, and generic gibber-jabber.

And I fully expect to keep my solid 3-4 readers a day entertained 🙂

Two Years and Counting

This post marks my two years of writing this blog. Two years since I bought my iPad Air and couldn’t believe how bad Apple Genuises’ were.

Continuing last years blogiversary themes, I am thankful to have 500+ posts, 250+ Likes, and almost 100 Followers. I still can’t believe those numbers were ever reached on a blog I write, and I am looking forward to my third year of posts.

This past year I also took the blog to the next level, removing ads and turning it into an actual website domain.

Among things I am looking to do in the next year:

  • Change the blog name: #AvisTravels has done really well for me. But it can be confusing, because for most of the time I don’t talk ‘travels’ and people don’t like reading the subheadline of “Traveling the World, My Mind, and My Life”
  • Add a writer or two: I want to add contributor writers who write regularly on topics of their interest. Particularly things that I don’t have opinions on, but also counter posts to what I’ve said.

How do I plan on doing both of those? Who knows.
But if you or someone you know wants a place to write, you know where to reach me! The same applies if you can think of an avious blog title that I’m missing out on.

2 Year Milestone

Death of a Classmate

I want to a decent sized elementary school in Brooklyn, with ~30 kids in my class and ~90 in the grade.

Spending 10 years there I got to know most of the people in my grade pretty well, at least by name and face…after all you are just kids and not thinking much about others outside your class.

But then I went to a small high school, and none of my 90 elementary classmates went there as well.

Heading into a CUNY for college the odds of hitting one of my schoolmates wasn’t high, as I had been to a very Orthodox Jewish elementary school, of which most of the people went on to even stronger Orthodox high schools, which pushed for further Jewish education after high school, and mostly urged against secular college.
Throughout my time at CUNY Brooklyn College, and the few years that followed, I’ve run into about 3 elementary classmates at college.

Besides for the 3 I re-met at college, I ran into another handful over the years at random times, in random locations, but I don’t have any real connection to the MYRCB class of 2003.

I’ve picked up bits and pieces of information over the years of classmates getting married and having kids, but when I opened a local paper this weekend, I was faced with a new first: The first passing of a classmate.

On Friday night, January 30th, Ari Levin had a couple of drinks before heading to bed. Unfortunately during the night, while lying on his back, he choked on some vomit, and by the time it was noticed there wasn’t anything that responding EMTs could do for him.
The full story could be read HERE, and a tribute from his family (as well as info on a Memorial Fund) can be read on page 114 of this publication.
RIP Ari Levin, 1989-2016

Ari Levin Memorial Fund

Thanksgiving Dinner For The Homeless @BCHillel

Copied from last years post, and updated with some stats:

For the 8th straight year I will be spending the night before Thanksgiving helping to feed the homeless.

Tonight at 6PM at the Tanger Hillel at Brooklyn College will be hosting a Thanksgiving meal for the Homeless.

Joined by the fraternities, sororities, current students and alumni of Brooklyn College, their are usually as many volunteers as “eaters”.

More information on this event can be found here and here.

And if you can’t come, that doesn’t mean you can’t do your part.
Feel free to donate to Hillel and help support the cause.