Because, aviously…

A few months ago I wrote about the death of broadcasting great Al Tanger.

And last week Thursday, the Tanger Hillel at Brooklyn College (of which I’m on the Board of Directors for) honored the man who put his name on the building.

In what turned out to be a great little event, attended by many students, a few people spoke about their experiences with the late Mr. Tanger. I was also asked to speak at this event, just about my experiences at the Hillel, and I threw in a few connections that I had with him.

Of course being the third (fourth?) speaker at an event like this, means that everyone before you has already said a lot of what you will…but that’s what improvising is for! And lucky I was able to think quickly and keep it semi-coherent.

This is the script of what I wrote for the speech…of course it changed from what I actually said, but the main points toward the end all stayed. <SPEECH LINK>

It was also really nice that two of Al’s children and one grandchild came to our event (most of them live in the Boston area), the latter of which spoke briefly to the group of us there.

Al Tanger Speech Pic

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