Because, aviously…

Today is voting day so get out and Vote!!! If you have questions, feel free to comment or email me.

Here is the guide to voting, first with the major races, and then the 3 Ballot Proposals.

Andrew Cuomo (D)
Rob Astorino (R)
Howie Hawkins
Steven Cohn
Michael McDermott

State Comptroller
Thomas DiNapoli (D)
Robert Antonacci (R)
Theresa Portelli
John Clifton

Attorney General
Eric Schneiderman (D)
John Cahill (R)
Ramon Jimenez
Carl E. Person



Revising Redistricting Procedure: (In simple terms)
Redistricting will happen every 10 years starting in 2020, with a 10 panel board (2 appointed by each of the 4 legislature leaders, and 2 appointed by those eight). Old rules was 6-man board (appointed by legislature).
ADDED (By David J. Rosenberg): The old system had the majority in each house draw its own districts, resulting in gerrymandered districts designed to keep majorities. The proposed system would have an “independent” commission made up of democrats and republicans draw the districts, which the legislature would have to approve. No one party, no matter who’s in the majority, would be able to unilaterally pass new lines.

Allowing Electronic State Bills: (In simple terms)
All bills must currently be printed and put on peoples desks. New rules would allow them to be electronically submitted to legislators.

Smart Schools Bond Act of 2014: (In simple terms)
New York wants to borrow up to $2B (Billion) to use on funding technology (WiFi, laptops, servers, etc.) for school AND construct school for Pre-K that are currently being taught in trailers.


To find your voting site go here: http://nyc.pollsitelocator.com/

You can also view your ballot on that website, so you aren’t surprised by anything!

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