Because, aviously…

For those that don’t know, besides for November being Movember, it is also National Novel Writing Month. or NaNoWriMo.

The goals of it is actually quite simple to understand, although not the easiest thing to reach.

Simply put, one starts writing a novel on November 1st with the goal of finishing it before midnight on November 30th. The length of the novel must be more than 50,000 words (in order to be classified as a novel), and they don’t focus on it being good, but rather being complete.

Editing and proofreading and all that can happen after the month is over, but a finished novel is a must.

I have never participated in it, as I am not a story teller/writer, although I do want to write an autobiography at some point, probably after I get more famous.

But over the past few years I have seen a few friends participate in it, and post updates on their progress throughout the month.

Yet this year I don’t see any posts about it…I am not sure if it has fizzled out or if I just don’t know anyone doing it.

Some of the people I think it’s better that they aren’t writing, as their stuff really wasn’t that good, others I’m surprised I haven’t heard more from.

Regardless, good luck to all the writers doing this, you are more than a third of the way there!

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