Because, aviously…

Two interesting NHL rules that I’ve run into over time, and I find to be very interesting!

So here take a guess if you know the answers…if not, feel free to look further down in the post for the answers!

1) What’s a situation where the puck doesn’t go into the goal, and may not even come close, but the referee can still rule it a goal?

2) A regular season game goes into overtime. How can the losing team walk away with 0 points?



And here are the answers! Yes, I realize there is possibilities of more than one correct answer, but this is the one I had in mind when I looked it up.

1) If a player is taken down from behind on a breakaway, he is normally awarded a penalty shot. However, if the goalie has been pulled, and it’s an empty net, a goal is automatically given. (Rule 25.3)

2) If the goalie is pulled voluntarily for an extra-attacker (as opposed to being pulled because of a delayed penalty), and the empty net is scored on, the losing team is not awarded the overtime point. Similarly, once the goalie is pulled in overtime, he can’t be returned to the net until a stoppage of play.
The only time I can think a team would do this, is towards the end of the season, when a team needs an ROW (Regulation + Overtime Win) to break a tie to make the playoffs. (Rule 84.2)

All rules can be checked here, btw.


2 thoughts on “Strange NHL Rules Questions (and Answers) – See how you can do! #NYR

  1. Really cool!!! I got the first one! Had no idea about the second… Fascinating!

    1. @iAmAviG says:

      The second one is a lot more interesting, and also a lot less likely to end up happening.
      After writing both down, I realized they evolved around the same focal point (a pulled goalie), but I guess that’s what makes them rarer than most other rules.

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