Because, aviously…

Clearly most media are afraid of terrorists.

This is the obvious answer as to why most media will not show what really happens in some situations, such as when they wouldn’t show Hamas rockets in Gaza during the war…it’s not like they weren’t there (they clearly had to be, right? they were being shot…just magically can’t vaporize out of thin air and rain down on the land).

But people are going to argue my statements, since that’s what people always do…so instead let me just put some pictures up here, as they do speak a thousand words.

This headline from a few weeks ago, when a driver drove his car onto a light-rail station platform, running people over, before finally being stopped by cops:
ap headlineYup, that seems about right.

Now let us fast forward to today, when terrorists walked into a synagogue, the Jewish house of worship, shooting/axing/stabbing people while they prayed, killing 4 (including 3 Americans) and wounding 6 others. As they left the scene, the situation ended in a shootout with police.

The headlines should be pretty simple, right? Let’s check how the CBC handled this:

cbc headline

Jerusalem police fatally shoot 2 after apparent synagogue attack

That is what happened, right? The big story in this “Breaking News” is that Jerusalem police shot 2 people, after an “apparent attack”…I won’t put the pictures here, because they are very graphic. But seeing people still wrapped in their prayer garb, lying there dead, with bloody cleavers next to them, doesn’t seem apparent to me.

But I’m sure CNN handled this better:
cnn headlineRight? That seems like it is correct…except it wasn’t a mosque. Because you can be sure that if it was a mosque, every world leader would’ve come out and condemned the attacks.

I’m sure it was just a mistake banner, right? They’ll fix it…let’s check another from CNN:
cnn headline 2
You are right, police did indeed shoot and kill two Palestinians. I’m sure those two people were simply on their way to market.

Come on media, get your stuff together, and put the story back into the headlines, instead of cowering in the face of terror.

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