Because, aviously…

I’ve been watching Person of Interest since the Pilot episode, and it is quite possibly the most complex/”Big Picture” show on television these days.

No other story line that I have seen, or heard about, has created such a complex world, where we know so much and so little about  what is going on, yet is still entertaining on a weekly basis that you want to keep tuning in.

Unfortunately the few friends that I had who watched it in the beginning has fallen away, as most of them stopped watching…

Now I can’t write too much about the show, lest Control comes after me as well, but The Machine has been building up our views of it (and un-building, packing, moving, and rebuilding (inside show joke for the long time watchers)). But the views of the show has been slightly low in the ratings this year, but with a Netflix contract that starts late next year, will that be enough for a Season 5 to be picked up?

I certainly hope so!

Any other POI viewers out there to discuss the latest developments?


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