More Giveaway Ideas

Last week Wednesday I discussed possibly running a promotion/giveaway, and by Friday I realized why it would never work…

I was able to come to the conclusion that the best “prize” would be a gift card, preferably to something that anyone, anywhere, can use.

But the lack of responses, is exactly the flaw with the idea.

Sure, I’d love to give the one person that replies a gift card…but the whole purpose would be to get multiple people involved, including (hopefully) new followers.

This thought process still needs more work…and as usual, any suggestions are always welcome.

4 responses to “More Giveaway Ideas

  1. what are you trying to accomplish with a giveaway – what does new followers give you? i would be happy to take anything you would giveaway but not really understanding why you would want to.

    • It’s not necessarily the “Followers” but rather the “Readers”.
      Which bring a sense of purpose and inspiration to me actually keep writing.
      In reality, the recent weeks have gotten better than it was earlier on…
      Plus, I like giving away free things, especially to my accountant 😉

  2. well you got me to read/respond – For some reason i don’t always see that you posted something ( I usually look on face book)

    • I post daily (except weekends and holidays), and I think Facebook groups them all into “Avi posted _____ and 3 other things on Word Press”, so it gets buried at times.
      But thank you for reading!

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