Because, aviously…

One of my friends had an idea for a girl (or guy, but in this scenario we’ll go with girl) to go on 10 dates, with 10 different people, in 10 days.

This is an interesting idea, and has some pros and cons.

For starters, it would definitely make for a good way to get out there and explore the dating world.

It would also be a great way to figure out what one is looking for, especially if the 10 are a diverse crowd.

But is it fair?

  • The guy dating her on Day 1 has to realize that no matter what he does, she will be going out with 9 more guys, before she considers if she’d date him again.
    Personally, I’d take that as a challenge, to make that first date so great, that the other 9 can’t live up to it, and she’d remember him.
  • But with the amount of effort I’ve seen girls put into first dates, would it be fair to the 9th or 10th guy? Would she be putting the same effort into it after going through the motions day after day?

Just something for people to think about…and while I am sure I won’t hear comments on this (especially not on here, even from the idea-person themselves), one can always hope!

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