Because, aviously…

I have a friend who likes to be the center of attention.

Actually, that isn’t true. Actions suggest that they NEED to be the center of attention.

Whether it’s talking over everyone to be heard, telling exaggerating stories, or just inserting themselves in where they aren’t welcome, they make sure to do it all.

I’ve felt this about them for a while, and it’s annoyed me a lot in the past, but this past weekend they did it again, and it pushed me to writing this post.

I was talking to someone, and was literally in mid-sentence when suddenly, they were there, talking to the person I was talking to.

The best part is, this person I was talking too (who is actually a similar character to the one at hand) suddenly turned and began talking back…as if I wasn’t even there and in middle of a sentence…….talk about making someone feel small and unwelcome.

So I just walked away.

When I finished my conversation with the person later, of course there was no “Sorry for that earlier” or any indication that something wrong had happened, because in their fairy tale little world, everything was simply peachy.

Sorry…haven’t vented on here in a while, but it’s necessary sometimes 🙂

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