Because, aviously…

Glee once stood for what was wrong with society.

Highlighting issues such as bullying, homophobia, suicides and drug abuse.

And then one of their own left the world due to a drug problem, and instead of pulling themselves together and coming back even stronger, the show has quickly become what is wrong with people these days.

They had an easy out too, with the option to end at the end of last season, and no one would’ve held it against them, especially after the Cory Monteith situation.

Instead they decided to have one more season, of 13-episodes, to try and “wrap up” a storied series, which spawned hundreds of Billboard Top-Singles and launched many careers.

The only issue was, all their “High-school” students had graduated…so how do you make a show and fill it with nobodies, like you had done in Season 1, and hope to still get people to watch?

Answer: You don’t.

You bring back these now-adults, and give them “jobs” at the schools: teaching, mentoring and bullying.

(Granted, this is all a “TV world”, and everyone, I’m sure, is above age in real life, but let’s consider what this week’s episodes showed us…)

They brought adults into high school, to try and convince the kids that the now-defunct, rejuvenated Glee club, is going to be popular again…and what better way to convince them then:

  • Bullying – Yes, they actively call high schoolers “nerds” and put down “Tea party” students for their political views
  • Seduction – Adult, alumni, cheerleaders, putting on their old outfits, dancing with the current high school cheerleaders, and rubbing up on the guys there, to try and show that you can be hot, cool, and a singer

Is this really what the show is trying to teach nowadays?

Is that really the best that can be shown in the first 15% of the season?

Has the show lost its touch completely after the loss, or are they trying to work up one final crescendo, before the grand finale?


2 thoughts on “Why “Glee” Has Become What’s Wrong With Society

  1. Atlanta Ga says:

    Don’t forget the abhorrent references to sexual positions by two lesbians, sexual toys used by Tom of Finland, the complete closed mindedness of the absurd ridicules of the local tea part (Obama hating). This show, once my favorite (seasons 1 & 2) is now simply disgusting. I absolutely hate it for the cast, but that they’re issue to deal with, if it is even an issue. But, Glee has just become so distasteful, so anti-traditional family, anti-republican which is epitomized by Sue frankly it needs to be taken off the air. The only reason I even watch it now is to hear Kurt, Blaine, or Michelle sing.

    1. @iAmAviG says:

      When I first started watching it was so that I wouldn’t have to wait until the next day to hear the new songs…then I got into the storyline…now that is no longer a reason to watch.
      Finale couldn’t come fast enough.

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