Because, aviously…

While the launch of the hashtag, and the inspiration for the blog name, has been #AvisTravels, there has been very few travels since then.

#AvisTravels originated when I took Amtrak from New York to Indiana, and posted about my trip using the hashtag.

For this blog it was more a matter of traveling my mind and thoughts, and less so about actual travel.

Well, I am happy to say I have a quick road trip coming up, in which case the blog may be off for a day or two, but my Twitter will be full of #AvisTravels…unless I decide to do a Live Blog of sorts, haven’t really decided yet.

I plans to drive up to Boston for a weekend, sometime in February/March, and then quite possibly, the return of an Amtrak trip to Indiana, or even a 700+ mile drive.

Time will tell 🙂 Stay tuned!

One thought on “#AvisTravels On The Road

  1. Robert says:

    if you drive up to boston you can come visit me. I am less than an hour from boston.

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