Because, aviously…

I spent the last two nights in the city again, Sunday night ahead of the storm and Monday night to prevent having to drive on icy roads as well as being in the city in case someone else couldn’t make it in.

Both nights were spent at different hotels, the Hotel Mela and Cassa.

Hotel Mela featured a very modern lobby space, a stark contrast to last weeks Paramount stay.

Mela Lobby
But the rooms were absolutely tiny. The next two pictures were taken from the same spot, right in front of the door to the room, which left no good angle to actually watch TV if I had wanted to.

Mela Bed Mela Desk

I was in a few rooms that night, bouncing between Super Bowl viewings and whatnot, and the bathroom/shower layouts were pathetic in all of them.

My room (and of course I forgot a picture :-/ ) featured a shower stall in which the shower head was pointing out the door, so that one couldn’t have the water on and door open at the same time, unless you wanted to wash the whole bathroom. And with no tub option, it left for a fun trial/error of getting the water on and not getting frozen/burned in the process.
Other rooms all had different shower stall layouts, but some had missing glass from their shower doors (leaving 3/4’s of the shower open to the bathroom), or the opposite room that had an ‘L’ shaped stall (don’t ask how that makes sense…it doesn’t) but at least it had two shower curtains on it!

The next night was spent in Cassa, which featured much nicer/larger rooms (with their own flaws….as always happens in limited space in NYC).

The flaws were a bad heating/AC system that blew straight onto the thermostat….so only part of the room got warm while the rest was cold…and a bathroom that was long and narrow, not allowing the door to open all the way, but that’s truly minor.

Cassa Bed Cassa Desk

Monday night I also went out again to Le Marais, this time ordering a burger on a suggestion from a friend.

Burger and FriesWhile the burger was cooked nicely inside (Medium) the burn lines on the outside tasted exactly like that: Burned. So while the burger tasted good, it made it hard to enjoy as every couple of bites tasted burned.
(And yes….that picture came out bad…oh well.)





4 thoughts on “Two More Nights In NYC #AvisTravels

  1. Moritz says:

    Even though the room at The Mela is a little small, I like the design. It looks really cozy. Which of the two would you prepare if you’d come back?

    1. @iAmAviG says:

      Between these two, I would have to choose the Cassa.
      And the Paramount that I went to last week might rank ahead of Hotel Mela as well…
      I forgot to mention in the post, but the walls at Hotel Mela are paper thin, so noise anywhere on your floor carries.

      1. Moritz says:

        Ouh, paper thin walls… that’s horrible, especially when you are not a good sleeper anyway. Thanks for the hint with the other two places, they look really good. I’ll have the chance to try the Greenwich and the Knickerbrocker in New York in March, so maybe these are even better 🙂

      2. @iAmAviG says:

        Good luck!
        If you ever without a hotel last second, I would recommend the “Hotel Tonight” app for last second rates.
        Enjoy your NYC trip!

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