Because, aviously…

Whenever a disaster happens, people tend to start giving to charities again…and now with all the cold weather I heard reports last week of an increase in the usage of Red Cross and how they were requesting donations and funding.

Me, well I refuse to give to the Red Cross and rightfully so. The story goes like this:

November 2005. Awoken at 1AM to the smell of smoke, the noise of detectors, and the sounds of fire engines. There is a fire in the downstairs apartment.

Thankfully everyone gets out okay, and the fire + water damage is contained to mostly one room. But the house is filled with smoke on a cold night in November, and the electricity has been turned off by the FDNY.

The Red Cross shows up, and offers the tenants a place to stay for the night, since the fire happened in their apartment.

When we walk up to the Red Cross agent on the scene, the response was: Well, since the fire wasn’t in your apartment, we can’t help you.

Well Red Cross…we can’t help you either.

And one day, when I am rich, whether via Lottery winnings or hard work, I won’t forget you Red Cross and all the greatness and caring you do for those right here at home in America.

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