Because, aviously…

Let’s be honest: The Jewish news websites don’t have the budgets of larger news organizations, so they borrow things from other places.

The things they borrow most (un-credited) are pictures. Things like pictures of crime scenes or houses off of Google Maps.

Now while it is one thing to borrow a picture, and not source it…but I have seen multiple times where sites have taken a picture off of Google Maps Street View or an AP photo, and stamped THEIR OWN LOGO on it. As if it was exclusively their picture and if anyone else uses it they should have the proper stamp on it.

I am not going to point fingers and name sites that do this…but two Jewish sites in particular have done this in the last couple of weeks, which is what led me to this post.

If you are going to steal other people’s work….at least pretend you didn’t realize, and not try to make it your own.

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