Because, aviously…

When I first started playing video games many years ago the discussions was always “Medal of Honor” or “Call of Duty”.

I was always favoring Call of Duty (CoD) because of the screen layouts, as well as the game play.

But with every series starting with WWII and the invading of Normandy on D-Day all games started to get repetitive. CoD finally branched out and after a few games of WWII went along to modern day moving to Afghanistan and other modern wars.

These games also branched into Vietnam and the Viet Cong as well as the Cold Wars.

And then they went futuristic. Drones, remote-controlled units, and all sorts of other “imagination” weapons being brought to life.

Now this is all well and good. But it turns these “Historical Warfare” games into “Science Fiction”. And science fiction games are ones that I avoid. I don’t do zombies, I don’t do “Terminators”, I don’t do “Halo”, I just don’t do those games. I don’t enjoy them.
One of those that people will fight for is “Halo”. But let’s be honest, if I shoot a guy in the head from two feet away, he should go down, at least injured. In Halo those shots will have zero effect, but snipe him in the leg from across the map and they are dead.

I want the old fashioned rifles back. I want WWI and WWII back. Or I may just have to go with Star Wars. (Yes, I know that that’s Sci-Fi, but it’s a legend!)

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