Because, aviously…

Last week the company Jet ran a Facebook campaign, to help name their “Jet Bot”, the “mascot” of the company. I of course went with Jet Li, and won one of their bots.

For those that aren’t aware of Jet, they are a “shopping club” who is slowly rolling open this Spring. Details can be found on their site.

Jet Box

I received the box earlier this week and found a nice personalized hand-written note inside the box.

Jet Note

Dear Avi,

Today you are receiving a new addition to your family. We fully expect that your new found relationship with Jet Li will bring you a level of happiness beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before.

It’s extremely important to follow these directions:
1. Remove from box
2. Assemble into shape
3. Introduce yourself
4. Feed 3X daily (favorite meal is fuel)
5. Take for walks (preferably during sunset)
6. Tuck into bed by 10PM (favorite bedtime story is “Goodnight Moon”)

We trust Jet Li is in good hands and we’re going to miss him dearly. Please feel free to post some of his special moments on Instagram using #Jetbot so we can repost his travels.

With love,


Within the big box was a smaller box, or a cube, which contained my yet to be configured bot.

Jet Cube

I unpacked and unfurled, twisted and turned, and I present to you Mr. Jet Li:

Jet Box - Jet Li

And no Jet is complete without a Reacher book.

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