Because, aviously…

So the much hyped sports day came  and went and let’s look back at how it ended up:

NFL Draft Day 3 – Went as anyone thought it would go, and nothing much happened that we know of until at least September/October. Those who spent all day watching it wasted a lot of time.

NHL – Rangers vs. Capitals – Rangers took the win, but this goal by Ovechkin is one of the greatest you’ll ever see.

MLB – Yankees vs. Red Sox – Brett Gardner provided the power and the Yankees took the win.

Kentucky Derby – American Pharoah, the favorite, took the first leg of the Triple Crown

MLB – Mets vs. Nationals – An infield single was the only run as the Nationals won 1-0.

MLS – Revolution handed the Red Bull their first loss of the season, leading into the first NY Derby

NBA – Clippers vs. Spurs was one of the best NBA games in recent years, it’s a shame this game wasn’t for the Championship, because these two teams gave it their all, and put on a great show. LA won the game and the series.

Boxing – Mayweather laid back, like he always does, but Pacquiao had an undisclosed injury and this fight turned into a dud. Rematch? Any sucker who would lay out money on this a second time deserves to lose that money.

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