Because, aviously…

Ever since the middle of the last NFL season I have been playing FanDuel.

I tend to stay away from NBA and NHL as those games are particularly difficult, as you never know when an individual will have an off night, and that can weigh down your whole team if you throw all your money on them.

In the NFL you can spread the money around, even if you lay out a lot on a QB, there is still plenty to spread around and get a few other top players and hope for the best.

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of MLB and I’ll sit down before game time and run through the lineups and make sure all my players are starting, and picking those cheap gems to try and bolster lineups.

Doing daily Fantasy instead of season Fantasy makes you more attentive of everything going on in the league. Instead of just focusing on “your lineup” you focus on everyone in the league, since you never know who will be your key player the next night.
The other advantage is something frustrates even the best fantasy players. When you have a great draft and in Week 1 your top-pick gets injured and misses significant time…suddenly your whole season is ruined because of one player.
With FanDuel you just pick a new lineup the next day, and don’t need to stress about that injured player anymore. Not only that you get your wins/losses immediately, so you can walk away with money from Day 1 (or just lose lots of it, day after day).

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