Because, aviously…

I have a question that maybe some of my lawyer friends could answer.

While watching the NHL Playoffs the other day, they ran an ad asking you to send it your videos to them of you and your friends/family celebrating the games and they might use them on-air.

Among the disclaimers on the bottom of the screen, it said <paraphrased> “Using the hashtag #MyPlayoffsMoment gives the NHL the rights to use your video”.

I’m wondering how that can be legal? What if some soccer mom in South Carolina uses that hashtag while watching her kid play? It suddenly becomes the property of the NHL, even though she posted it on Twitter and/or Instagram?

All she agreed to was for Twitter/IG to use her items for promotional purposes (as part of the user agreement), but now a third party suddenly gains the rights simply by stating it?

Well in that case, if anyone uses #AvisTravels from here on out, I reserve the rights to use it in any way I please.

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