Because, aviously…

This past weekend I went to the Hayden Planetarium, located in NYC attached to the American Museum of Natural History, and saw their current show, entitled Dark Universe.

Hayden Planetarium

Narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson, it is the most boring 25 minutes you can spend in New York. While the graphics are splendid their are numerous flaws with the show…

For starters, the ceiling is 100% covered with screen, which means that at some point you will have to turn around to see something that they are talking about. By lowering it to 80% coverage, you can make it so people would only have to turn and strain to see, instead of lean forward and twist around.

The other issue is the down time, such as when Neil says “See this star here, to them they are the center of the universe” and they circle a star in the sky. After 20 seconds of contemplating this, they then highlight a second star and Neil says “And this one”, before 20 seconds later they add a third star and then a fourth, each time with 20 seconds in between.

Overall this show is a measly 2 out of 10, don’t waste your money or your time on it.

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