Ocean Parkway Speed Limits

When New York City reduced its speed limit down to 25 Miles Per Hour (MPH) from 30MPH earlier this year, they left Ocean Parkway at 30 as it is a Parkway.

But now they have changed it to 25MPH and Councilman David Greenfield of Brooklyn is up in arms about this, claiming that it is causing a ton of congestion on that route.

But while I can agree that 25 is too slow for that stretch of roadway, I don’t think that is the issue causing congestion, but rather the fact that the Department of Transportation (DOT) never realigned the traffic lights, preventing cars from going more than a block or two at a time before having to stop (during most hours of the day).

I also have ideas on how to change the traffic patterns on Ocean Parkway…a blog post that I started writing a year ago and never finished…which would severely help the traffic flow on the “6 Lane Highway”.

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