Because, aviously…

When New York City reduced its speed limit down to 25 Miles Per Hour (MPH) from 30MPH earlier this year, they left Ocean Parkway at 30 as it is a Parkway.

But now they have changed it to 25MPH and Councilman David Greenfield of Brooklyn is up in arms about this, claiming that it is causing a ton of congestion on that route.

But while I can agree that 25 is too slow for that stretch of roadway, I don’t think that is the issue causing congestion, but rather the fact that the Department of Transportation (DOT) never realigned the traffic lights, preventing cars from going more than a block or two at a time before having to stop (during most hours of the day).

I also have ideas on how to change the traffic patterns on Ocean Parkway…a blog post that I started writing a year ago and never finished…which would severely help the traffic flow on the “6 Lane Highway”.

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