Because, aviously…

When you say something online, it is in theory written forever. Even after you delete it their is a good chance that it is screenshot’ed or cache’d somewhere, to be dug out again to haunt you.

I had a rough day online yesterday, in which I called out a “Pyramid schemer” and all her co-conspirators joined in defending her. As I have said before, I stand behind the things I say online, and am generally careful when I choose my wording.
So for all the heat I took yesterday from that, I stood behind and will continue to stand behind, regardless how others feel about it.
If you don’t want people talking bad about you, don’t try and steal peoples money.

On the flip side I had a company say something to me that they instantly regretted, which I know since they deleted their tweets moments after. But as I lead off by saying, their is always a chance that someone has it saved…

News This Second Mistake

On that note, clearly I don’t recommend following @NewsThisSecond on Twitter, and if you are looking for a source that offers the same stuff, without the harsh language, try @Breaking911.

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