Because, aviously…

Yesterday was the first day of the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (better known as E3), and a lot of cool games were shown off, including a few that I am interested in.

NHL 16 – They showed off some fancy gameplay video, and it looks amazing. Probably really similar visually to NHL 15, but big upgrades were made on the next-gen games with updates to Be a GM mode, and controlling player morale. And Be a Pro is now allowing you to sim to your next shift, which had made 2015 practically unplayable, due to the bored down times.
Also the “Visual On-Ice Training” looks really cool in terms of expanding your game and making key plays.
Additions to Gameday Stories and Arena Atmospheres will make the feel of the game even greater as well.

Star Wars Battlefront – The name alone should leave any gamer drooling, and the trailers out for it have looked as good as can be. I’m still unsure what kind of storyline they are aiming for with this game, but we know it’ll be amazing.

Minion Paradise – This mobile game looks very entertaining. I currently play Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff on a regular basis, ever since its launch, and I would love to find another game to add to my daily arsenal. Watch this trailer and tell me you aren’t in love with these little guys:

Tom Clancy’s The Division – Was finally given a release date of March 2016, and the game looks really good, set in a destroyed New York City. — The catch line is: “We were always told it might come to this… that one day, everything we ever knew would end. We were activated as a last resort. We are The Division. When Society falls, We Rise.”

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – Rainbow Six is possibly one of the best books out there, and the games based off the elite group has been pretty good. October 13, 2015 is the release date for it, and I hope to get my hand on the Beta and try it out for a fuller review 🙂

E3 2015 Logo

4 thoughts on “E3 #GeekOut

  1. fastunfollow says:

    If you haven’t yet, you should try Fallout Shelter as it is (in my opinion) much more entertainig than Family Guy’s quest.

    1. @iAmAviG says:

      I gave it a try this week, and actually wasn’t a fan…the games that need you to wait X:XX amount of time need to pull you in early, or they risk you not coming back to check up on it!

      1. fastunfollow says:

        That’s the point, unlike many such games Shelter doesn’t require you to always wait for something. Even if you have to wait you can speed up the process.

      2. @iAmAviG says:

        With $$ you can do that in any game 😉

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