Because, aviously…

After Tiger won his last Major in 2008 the sport of golf took a lull, and people wondered who would fill his shoes.

PGA Golf Tour

The answer came shortly after in 2011 with then 21-year-old Rory McIlroy and since has won a total of 4 Championships. He has also taken over the roll as the face of EA Sports’ annual golf game, with Rory McIlroy PGA Tour coming out next month, the first time without Tiger’s name on it since 1997.

But in recent months a brand new 21 year old has taken center stage in Jordan Spieth. Spieth has now won the first two Majors of 2015, in the Masters and US Open and has good chances of capturing the 2015 Grand Slam.

But keep in mind who currently holds the titles at the Open and PGA Championships, Rory McIlroy. These two kids are ruling the links and making golf fun and exciting to watch again.

In terms of the career Grand Slam, of which only 6 people have ever achieved, Rory is a Masters shy of it (at age 26), and as mentioned Jordan is now two away (at age 21). For reference Tiger achieved it at age 24, becoming the youngest ever (at the time)…can Jordan Spieth break that record? And can he achieve it in the same calendar year, something that has only been done once, back in 1930 by Bobby Jones?

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