Because, aviously…

This weekend marks the second game between New York City Football Club (NYCFC) and the New York Redbull (NYRB).

The first match ended in favor of NYRB 2-1, but NYCFC heads into this game on a small winning streak and the Red Bulls having won their last game.

The intensity between fans has been at a high, with a lot of tension between the two groups, and I expect their to be a lot of incidents on Sunday, hopefully not in my section…although I’m only a few away from the “Away Supporters”.

Meanwhile the Empire State Building will be lit up in Blue or Red Saturday night, depending how voting goes via Twitter/Instagram/MLSSoccer.com, and in early voting NYCFC had a commanding lead.

This will also be the second time this year I am going to a game, more on that here, and it should have about 50,000 fans at the Stadium for the game, which guarantees a great environment.


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