Because, aviously…

I went Sunday to Yankee Stadium for the first NYRB vs NYCFC game on our turf, and what turned into a disaster in the second half was a really fun experience.

Soccer at Yankee Stadium

This was the second time I went to a game this year and the stadium was even more packed this time, with only a stray seat empty. The full house led to a loud crowd, especially during the opening goal for FC (MY VIDEO HERE).

Future NYCFC players Frank Lampard and Andrea Pirlo were both in attendance (although the stadium choose a weird time to show them on the big board, right during a defensive stand…) and received a great ovation.

Lampard and Pirlo

Red Bulls fans also showed up in large numbers, and were given their own roped off section for the supporters, although their were other fans sprinkled throughout the stadium, leading to confrontations.
It also didn’t help putting them in the Upper Deck, as this led to them throwing beer down on the FC fans sitting below them…

Red Bulls Fans

Strangely after the half, NYCFC was all out on the field, warmed up and in position when the half-timer ran out, and the Red Bulls were still chilling in their locker rooms. Made for a fun picture (when up 1-0 and thinking they were too scared to come out 😛 )

Second Half Start

But in the end, a lackluster defensive showing led to a 3-1 Red Bulls win, and a very disappointed home crowd, mostly streaming out in the final minutes.

Final Score

Looking forward to August 9th and the third installment of this years Derby, back in Jersey!

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