Because, aviously…

It’s been the cover story of the NY Post for the last two mornings and I figured I’d bring it up.

Faigy Mayer ventured through Brooklyn College at the same time as me, on her Graduate path while I went for Undergrad, and she went on to write apps and was working on a project in recent months.

This wasn’t an accident, but rather a means to an end after years of being troubled and tormented by her past and the way the present was playing out. She knew exactly what she was doing.

Her family is sitting shiva for her, but they wouldn’t comment on her, simply saying:

‘I don’t want to say anything. What am I supposed to say: That she’s a wonderful person? No, we don’t want to comment.’

But what exactly are they supposed to say? I’m not telling them to be okay with her decision. When they put the energy and effort into raising a child, they want them to grow up a certain way. Nothing wrong with them showing disappointment.

It’s almost a year since depression and the likes was thrust more into the spotlight with the death of Robin Williams and it is just as relevant to talk about every day.

The reality is, you can tell people to talk out their issues as much as you’d like, but it is up to each individual to figure out their life and what works best for them. It’s a real shame that she choose this path, and I hope more people don’t go down the same road.

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